Great post. I’m jealous of you stumbling upon Napalm Death. There were huge part of my youth, particularly as there prevalence as I left school. I must’ve been the only one of my friends who never got to saw them live.

And wow that Tucker’s Luck clip certainly brought back some memories.

Remember when he was on this is your life, and Norman Wisdom popped up? It’s on this video 20 minutes in :-) https://youtu.be/hQUd8q7K8uY

Todd Carty went way up in my estimations after that as Norman was also a screen hero of mine. In fact, I bumped into him once and got him to shout “Mr Grimsdale!” into a microcassette recorder that I happened to have in my pocket.

Thanks for taking me down some long, lost rabbit holes.

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Haha! That Norman Wisdom clip is brilliant. I haven't seen it before. Do you still have the recording of him shouting "Mr. Grimsdale!"?

I'm glad I could bring back some memories. The format of the newsletter seems to be a document of my life in France and the random memories that stirs up. I'm just going along with it and following the muse.

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Brilliant I love this style.

I have the Norman Wisdom recording somewhere (and a signed postcard from him). The last time I saw it I'd edited it in to an @Audiocaching tape project (tape to tape) and I left the cassette in Marylebone, London. No idea if it was ever found.

I had a real soft spot for Norman, a fellow aquarian (his birthday was the day after mine). It was a chance encounter when I was out with my brother. Seeing a poster of him I seem to remember blagging my way through the stage door and collared him. He was lovely.

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